How did you find my blog?!

So I am laying in bed looking through my blog stats page, which is very cool since it tells me how many people take the time to read my page every day (thank you) and what countries they are from (so many countries), but tonight I noticed there is a section that tells me search engine terms. “Search engine terms” means the words that people insert in search engines that leads them to view my blog and holy shit are some of them HILARIOUS!!  I just read them all aloud to my husband, lauged my ass off and cussed a little!  Here are a few…

~ cunt detail

~ can zombies fuck

I did write a whole blog about my anger towards “The Walking Dead” for no sex, Got zombies? Then you can’t have hot sex!, but not once did I say I wanted the actual zombies to fuck! I said that the people killing zombies need to sometimes!

~ got a vag

I do have a vag.

~ what is a fractured vagina

You have come to the right page!

~ plugging my pussy all day

~ Gyno fun

Ummm…Gyno’s are by nature not fun.

~ dirty vaginas

My vagina may be broken but damn it, it is NOT dirty!

~I sat hard on a vagina

~ show me real vagina of women

No pictures on this blog, although maybe it would increase my site views? Hmmmm….

~ look together at pussies with the doctor

“Pussy” and “doctor” do not belong in the same sentence.

~ how do u get rid of a blown out vagina

If I could offer the answer to that my vagina would not be broken and this blog would not exist!

~ tunas vagina and big ass

Good ole tuna fish, but I never once mentioned my big ass, My vagina is a potential space.

~ my gyno told me my vagina was damaged from porn

I actually feel sad for this woman.

~ when peeing I noticed 2 streams of urine, one out of vagina

This is either a very big problem or it is one hell of a post-coital queef, 1…2…3…go!

~ glue vagina

~ hot mothers day pussy

THIS IS NOT A PORN PAGE! Although I am hot, a mother, and do have a pussy.

~ fuck in the cer and then delivered out of the car porno

Delivered out of the car? Does this person want to watch a baby being delivered in a car or does he want to watch sex happening in a car? Don’t you love how I assume it is a “he”?!

~ little girl

~ my son loves my vagina

Damn you pedophiles! If you are one, stop fucking reading my blog, delete my page from your memory and then go die!

~ how should my vaginer look

They all look different but they should all be spelled ending in “a” and do not have an “r” in them. This person has a very strong southern accent I think.

~ should I break up with my girlfriend because her vagina smells

~ private vagina real

Nothing is private on this blog, but everything is real.

~ stuffed vagina with bullshit

I am full of bullshit, but my vagina is not!

~rotting vagina jokes


Thank you! While I do not believe my vagina is perfect, it is nice to know someone does!